Sunday, January 8, 2012


Tim Tebow, the former University of Florida and current Denver Broncos quarterback, has been nothing short of phenomenal since winning the starting job several weeks ago. Tebow, the son of missionaries has seen the sale of his jersey soar in recent weeks in a show of affection from his fan base. However, not everyone is a Tim Tebow fan.

Tebow’s delivery of the football to his receivers does not conform with more traditional, successful quarterbacks. He has been widely criticized for his unorthodox throwing style and his recent success has been labeled by some sports commentators as nothing more than a fluke.

Tebow is as known for displaying his faith in public as he is for his football prowess. He often kneels after touchdowns and points to heaven. He glorifies God at every opportunity, particularly during interviews held immediately after games in which his team has been on the winning end. It is then that when first given the microphone that he professes, “I would first like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”. Most interviewers become extremely uncomfortable and are quick to change the subject to focus on game related topics.

Critics such as former Denver quarterback and  current football commentator Jake Plummer, consider such public demonstrations of his faith to be inappropriate.

I am a Tim Tebow fan. Not because he is such a great quarterback nor because I particularly like the Denver Broncos, but because he has become somewhat of a “lone warrior” who is a fellow Christian who has become a faithful “servant underdog” deserving of my support.

I find it interesting that with all of the problems that our country faces today, that a follower of Christ who wishes to publicly show his affection to his God, would come under such attack.

I pray that the God of our founding fathers continues to show us His grace instead of His wrath, which we more readily deserve.


Unknown said...

I absolutely concur and also support the lone warrior!
Thank you for sharing.

Marwan Yehya said...

Mr. Cerrone,

I commend you greatly for having the same approach to your business. Andy Stanley presented a message a couple of months back on how important it is to glorify God in all that we do whether the spotlight is on us or not. I am just beginning to learn the importance of why that is so important in my everyday life.

Bob Kourieh said...

I am also in FULL support of Tim's displaying and professing his faith in public. we all have to get out of this paranoia of offending other religions. I was personally born and raised in a christian family until age of 20 in Lebanon. Escaping a religious war I immigrated to the 1989. I have lived and watched every religious muslim when they are interviewed on TV or in public starting by the phrase :" Bism Ellah Al Rahman Al Raheem" which means " (we start) In THE Name of GOD the Merciful" . This verse or phrase also directly professes the speaker's faith to Islam. My question to all who are paranoid about being inappropriate, WHY is it acceptable for any other religion to confess their faith in public, but NOT for a Christian to do so. WHY is it considered offensive when it comes to Christianity but it is acceptable when it relates to any other religion. This can take sessions to explain, but I think my point is made. Thanks for your interesting Blog.

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