Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Did you ever walk into a room and completely forget why you came in there?  I hate it when that happens.

There are some things that we need to forget, that would be healthy for us to forget. Here they are;

1-Yesterday’s Mistakes

In his book "ENCOURAGE ME", Chuck Swindoll has a chapter entitled, "The Fine Art of Blowing It". It begins like this, "It happens to every one of us. Teachers as well as students, cops as well as criminals, bosses as well as secretaries, parents as well as kids… ball players, politicians, and preachers. What? Making mistakes.

If we are not careful, the enemy will remind us of our mistakes to be played over and over thus limiting our capacity for growth.

2-Yesterday’s Hurts

If you deal with people, one thing is certain; they will disappoint you. Sooner or later someone is going to misrepresent you, lie about you, abuse you, slander you or hurt you.  So, what are your options? We actually have 3;

a-We can harbor resentment
b-We can try to get even, or
c-We can forgive and forget

The healthiest thing we can do for ourselves is the latter,

3-Yesterday’s Possibilities

We all have known people who are simply unable to operate in “today” because they have been unable to break ties with what “could have been” or “should have been” in their past. They struggle with an “if only” mentality. If they are not careful they will spend the rest of their life blaming their spouse, parents, business partner, friend, or God.

Too many people are dissatisfied with life because they have had an expectation that just hasn’t worked out .We can’t live on yesterday’s promises or yesterday’s dreams.

4-Yesterday’s Sins

Billy Graham once said that 60% of all mental patients could be released if only they could learn to accept the fact that they had been forgiven. Many people are carrying the burden of guilt from a past mistake, a moral failure, a poor decision or a sin so horrible that they do not believe that they can be forgiven by man or God.

One truth worth remembering is, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”…..[1John 1:9]

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