Monday, August 17, 2015

Tools of a Leader: Casting a Vision

The Hotel Equities’ Vision Statement clearly proclaims, “Excellence in Hospitality” at the top of our corporate Commitment Card, now carried by more than 1,500 associates. 

As leaders, after we identify a worthy vision, we must cast the vision for our teams.  We must also articulate the vision, repeatedly, so that our associates know where we are going and what we have to accomplish.  We must make the vision compelling enough so that it becomes a call to action. 

Do you recite your firm’s vision to your team on a regular basis? If not, “vision leakage” will occur and your team will not function at its optimum capacity.

Be bold…..share the vision…..give direction….help connect the dots for your team.   Don’t let your team wander and lose focus.  Be the leader you are called to be. 

Encourage your team and remind them of the progress they are making to achieve their goals. 

Fred Cerrone
Chairman & CEO
Hotel Equities

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