Monday, March 23, 2015

Tools of a Leader: The Power of Teamwork

It’s March Madness again in the world of college sports.  Have you completed your basketball bracket?   Will your teams play in the Final Four?

Winning games is all about teamwork.  You’ve probably seen the word TEAM spelled out as an acronym:




I often use sports analogies in teaching situations because most people can relate to them quickly.  They understand the concept that a winning team is one that fully utilizes the gifts and talents of each team member in a unified fashion for a common good.  When that happens, everyone benefits. 

If a highly-talented team underachieves, it is usually due to poor team chemistry.  We call it “team chemistry” but what it really amounts to is the under-utilization of everyone’s gifts.  Instead, one, two or more players may selfishly choose to demonstrate their gifts and talents for personal gain rather than playing for the benefit of the overall team.  Coaches must often remind their players of the power of the team concept. 

As a leader, it is important that you teach your associates to fully comprehend and employ the power of the teamwork.

I hope you win your pool!

Fred Cerrone

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