Tuesday, July 24, 2012


One of my favorite Hotel Equities’ value statements reads, “Wherever you are, be there”. In today’s hectic world of electronic over-load, this is easier said than done. Between work and family time, our attention span is constantly under attack by interruptions from cell phones, emails, Facebook, texts, tweets, HD-TV, computer games and other such high-tech attractions.

I confess that on a beach vacation this week to Amelia Island, Florida with my family, I struggled with being torn between answering emails and participating in conference calls and being with the kids as they enjoyed 5 foot waves crashing over their heads. Truth be known, I know where I should have been more.    

Author Tim Connor gives us some helpful insight on how we can “enjoy the ride” a bit better. He says, “Imagine that you have the opportunity to take a trip across country. You can stop wherever you’d like and spend however long you want. Are you going to focus solely on your end target and simply speed there? Or are you going to let go of the need to arrive at your destination at any particular time and enjoy the scenery, the people and places you see along the way?”

Each day you and I have the opportunity to go on a “cross-country” trip, a once in a lifetime, twenty four hour adventure that will never be repeated. How do you wish to spend your time? By enjoying every minute and stopping to savor every unique opportunity, or by simply focusing on your goals and being caught up in trying to achieve them?

Today, we can reach any realistic goal we set for ourselves. But how we do so will determine how enjoyable and memorable today will be. The runner who only looks down at the road will surely reach his/her destination, but won’t have the same experience as the runner who watches the road as well as notices the sights, sounds, and smells around them”.

Today, make an effort to enter into a conversation with a stranger or long time friend, take notice of a formerly unnoticed or not yet studied facet of nature, or join in with family and friends on your journey to tomorrow.

Today’s Goal: Try to be “in the moment”. Enjoy the journey. Be there.

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