Monday, February 3, 2014

Highlighting Hotel Equities’ Heroes

"Free Coffee &
Hot Cocoa @
TownePlace Suites"
Snowjam 2014, Carpocalypse, a local government let-down – call it what you will. Last week’s snowfall in Atlanta wreaked havoc on roads and people’s schedules but also showcased some real heroes at our Atlanta hotels.
Derrick walked three miles over icy roads in the bitter cold at 3:00 a.m. to get medicine for a guest who had just been released from the hospital but couldn’t make it home. Anissa provided blankets, pillows and food for guests for whom we did not have a room, but who were invited to spend the night in our lobby instead of their cars. Yvette took care of an eight-year-old guest till his mother, delayed ten hours by traffic, arrived at the hotel. Bryan shared his personal phone and loaned a charger to a guest who was sleeping in the hotel's lobby.
With rooms fully booked, all of our teams opened our lobbies and their hearts to welcome guests stranded in the storm. 
Associates came in early, stayed late and worked double and triple shifts.  They set up rollaway beds, put mattresses on the floor, and handed out pillows, blankets, towels and toothbrushes.  They made coffee and hot chocolate, popped popcorn, and emptied refrigerators to cook everything available so that guests could eat. They set the example for a “whatever it takes” attitude.  They didn’t stop until they cared for everyone under their roof. 
The stories of heroism and the names of the heroes are too numerous to mention. I could not be more proud of our teams and the manner in which they displayed a real sense of caring during this crisis.  That is the epitome of our value statement, “The greatest leaders are the greatest servants”!

Fred Cerrone

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