Monday, April 18, 2016

Tools of a Leader: Inspect What You Expect

Before starting Hotel Equities, I was fortunate enough to work for some of the top firms in the industry. I started with the Sheraton Management Training Program, the best in the business at the time.  I learned the basics of hotel management and also had the opportunity to observe my instructors and mentors and learn about leadership and their styles of leadership.
I don’t believe anyone begins a new job with the intention of doing poorly. Good leadership comes into play the very first day on the job and often dictates the level of success of the new team member. To get any job done well, you have to set clear expectations. Then comes the follow up, as expressed in Hotel Equities’ Value Statement #4: “Inspect what you expect.”
At Hotel Equities, the leadership team for training recently instituted an onboarding process that brings new general managers and corporate leaders to the corporate office to meet face-to-face with key corporate personnel who serve as coaches.  Over a two-day period, they review culture, policy and procedures in a series of meetings but, more importantly, they also begin building relationships with those team members who they will work with in the future.  Expectations are defined. Plans for follow-up [inspections] are laid.
Multiple team members will monitor, check in, make calls and generally inspect those expectations set during hiring and onboarding.  Follow-up happens, even when things appear to be going well.
For all associates, from housekeepers to vice presidents, we set expectations and inspections for every position and every task in an intentional effort to produce, ‘Excellence in Hospitality’.

Fred Cerrone
Chairman & CEO
Hotel Equities

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