Sunday, February 14, 2010


I think we find balance in our lives in three ways.

The first is to find your purpose in life. We each have strengths and weaknesses. We also each have gifts and talents. To find our purpose we must first determine what our gifts and talents are and then we can, from a position of strength, begin to find our purpose.

The second is to have goals in our lives. I feel that goals are an important part of the lives of most every successful person. I don’t think anyone who has ever been successful did so by mistake or by chance. I believe they set targeted goals which helped them make decisions along the way towards their achievements.

And the third is to set priorities for your life. If you fail to set priorities for your own life, you become susceptible to the priorities of others and you may mistakenly end up somewhere you did not intend to be.

I have found that by finding my purpose, setting goals and having priorities in my life, I am able to help keep my life in balance.

Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that my faith is an important part of my life. It provides me with balance by recognizing that a higher power is in control and not me [thankfully]. The bible says it best, “Man determines his path, but God directs his path” [ Proverbs 16:9 ]

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